University Teaching

Serafina Morrin has been a university lecturer since 2016. Her teaching and lecturing experience here includes:

  • Freie Universität Berlin (Degree Program: Primary School Education)
  • Alice-Salomon-Hochschule Berlin (Degree programme: Education and Training in Childhood)
  • Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences (degree programmes: Childhood Education, Social Work, Curative Education, Education and Counselling in Social Work and Pedagogy)
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (for teachers and students in the PIUS project)
  • Hoffbauer Berufsakademie Potsdam (Degree programme: Social Work and Language)
  • University of Paderborn (guest lectures/workshops at the Institute of Romance Studies)

Thematic orientations

  • Cultural diversity at school
  • Empirical Social Research
  • Practical preparation and support
  • Scenic approaches (materiality of body, movement, language – meaning for social professionals)
  • Educational partnerships with parents
  • The importance of things in (socio-) pedagogical contexts
  • Language education/multilingualism/written language
  • Language Stage/Linguistic Diversity
  • Didactics and Imagination
  • Education – Theoretical Foundations
  • Orders of difference from an aesthetic perspective
  • Aesthetic approaches to digital education in childhood education
  • Theatre for young people and people with disabilities
  • Intercultural Social Work
  • Propaedeutic

Further Trainings


Serafina Morrin designs further training courses and provides consultation in the field of multilingualism and transcultural education for teachers in welcome classes (for the Senate Department of Education Berlin). In schools, day-care centres and at extracurricular facilities, she conducts seminars for specialists on various childhood education issues.

  • (Trans-) Cultural Education
  • Multilingualism and language education
  • Inclusive theatre pedagogy
  • Migrationspädagogik
  • Theatrical-Aesthetic Education