Research Focus

  • Cultural-studies approaches to educational, theoretical and socio-pedagogical topics, in particular cultural-aesthetic education
  • Linguistic-cultural education
  • Reconstructive Social Research
  • (Video) Ethnography
  • Particpative Research with children


Ongoing: Aesthetic Approaches to Language. Subproject of the co-operation with Université Sorbonne Paris III Nord; University of Paris XII Val-de-Marne; Goethe University Frankfurt am Main; University of Hamburg; Franco-German Youth Office: Learning Each Other’s Language: Challenges for First-time Immigrant Children and Young People in France and Germany; Teilprojekt der Kooperation mit Université Sorbonne Paris III Nord; Université Paris XII Val-de-Marne; Goethe-Universität Frankfurt; Universität Hamburg; Deutsch-Französisches Jugendhilfswerk: Apprendre la langue de l’autre : défis pour les enfants et jeunes primo-immigrés en France et en Allemagne. find out more

Ongoing: Creative Day-care 1.0: Scientific Monitoring and Evaluation of the Cultural Agency Programme in Kindergartens

Ongoing Dissertation Project: Scope of Order. Empirical Results and Educational Reflections on Theatre Pedagogical Settings with ‘Newly Immigrated Children’; Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and Catholic University of Social Sciences Berlin; supervisors: Prof. Dr. Juliane Engel, Prof. Dr. Christoph Wulf

Completed: Implicit Cultural and Linguistic Knowledge. Producing Transrituality and Mimetic Appropriation of Language in a Berlin Welcome Class

Completed: ‘Caritas Family Office’ Model Project; Scientific support, headed by Prof. Dr. Petra Mund

Completed: Volunteering with Refugees: A Practical Research Project on the Resources, Expectations and Experiences of Volunteers in Educational Settings; headed by: Prof. Dr. Sabine Jungk