Serafina Morrin, Professor of Inclusive Childhood Education (link), holds a doctorate in education (Dr. phil), as well as being a childhood educator and a trained actress. During her many years of experience, initially in the field of performing arts and dance, Serafina Morrin has always availed of pedagogy by linking performativity and education in her work. Applying a scientific perspective, she now focuses on this thematic connection in her university teaching and research.


Primary Focus

The main focus of her activities consists of childhood education. Based on a broad understandig of inclusion and thanks to her professional experience gained in diverse life situations, in her professional practice she accords relevance to aesthetic and theatrical aspects across all age ranges. In the field of educationa science, her interests include childhood research, heterogeneity in education, performative teaching, learning and research, migration pedagogy and inclusive language education.

Professional Training

Prior to writing her doctoral dissertation in the field of educational science at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Serafina Morrin was awarded her MA Educational Science (in education, culture and forms of knowledge) from the FU Free University Berlin. This was preceded by studies in education and childhood at the Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences Berlin (KHSB), which followed several years of professional experience in theatre, film and oriental dance. The basis for this extensive artistic work in a wide variety of areas consists of the professional acting education that Serafina Morrin initially completed at the School of Performing Arts, Etage Berlin.