Drama and Theatre

Serafina Morrin initially worked as an actress for film and stage, utilising this experience in her subsequent pedagogical, scientific and research activities. She acted at numerous stage and theatrical events, in addition to performing oriental dance shows with live music.

Engagements as theatre actress (selection)
  • Maxim-Gorki-Theater
  • Staatstheater Wiesbaden
  • Schillertheater Werkstatt
  • Komödie Kassel
  • Badische Landesbühne Bruchsal
  • Volkstheater Berlin Brandenburg
Leading roles in short films (selection)

‘The Bridge’ https://vimeo.com/98783353, Berlinale Film Festival, Competition Section

‘The Stream’ https://vimeo.com/20413299 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8KMjgF_kxg, 1994, awarded Best European Short Film and Best Black and White Film, Cork International Film Festival, Ireland; New European Cinema Prize: International Alpe Adria Film Festival Trieste, Italy; screening: Venice International Film Festival (Biennale), Italy, invited to more than 70 film festivals worldwide

Stage projects conceived, directed and performed (selection)
  • Zwischen Fremdheit und Liebe: dance and poetry; live music: Gabriele Kostas
  • Die dritte Nacht nach 1000 Nächten; dance and lyric; live music: Mohamed Askari
  • Lust- und Frustvolles über die Liebe; dance and poems about love (after B. Brecht.)
  • Ich hab dich tanzen gesehen; oriental dance comedy with flamenco elements
Further performances

In addition to these performances, Serafina Morrin has participated in numerous other interdisciplinary and multimedia projects, street art performances, district festivals, scenic readings and dance events.